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Thu Jan 31 15:32:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 04:54:34PM -0600, Garry J. Garrett wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> > A default linux kernel comes with only 256 ttys.  (Can be configured to
> > whatever number is desired)

> Are you sure there isn't an upper limit imposed by naming conventions?
> For example, if it's: ptty01, ptty02, etc. then, even dipping into
> hexidecimal notation, you max out at 256 IDs, right?  If Linux's
> notation for pseudo terminals isn't flexible enough, it might max
> out at some upper limit (1024, 4096, 65536, etc.).  Of course if
> that upper limit is rediculously huge enough, then who cares (for
> example if your only real limit is that pathnames are limited to
> 1024 characters, then your upper limit on pseudo terminals is pretty
> darn big).

Under Linux, pty device entries are dynamically created in /dev/pts by
the kernel as they're needed.  /dev/pts/## is about as scalable as you 
can get, I think.  This is also part of some Unix standard or other 
(Unix98?).  By default, the Linux kernel is compiled with a hard-limit 
of 256 ptys.

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