file name encoding UNIX -> DOS does not work

Tomas Zahradnicky, Jr. zahradnicky at
Thu Jan 31 13:08:03 GMT 2002


  i've noticed that kanji.c function utf8_to_doscp doesn't work. it 
should use data from unicode_map, but it does nonsenses. It takes 
character, counts what type of diacritical symbol it has and uses 
this counted value as a reference to unicode_map. this seems to be 
ok, but it is not because it doesn't account the charater. u with 
acute is the same as e with acute for this mapping, for example! 
(always offset 0x301). of course, character_ is always a result and 
file is not displayed on pc.

what I did was I wrote something to CP852.TXT, recompiled it and 
renamed file on pcand reverse translation didn't work. what could be 
the problem?

# Tomas Zahradnicky, Jr
# The Czech Technical University
# FEE-CTU, Prague

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