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Wed Jan 30 02:42:41 GMT 2002

hihi all,

I don't know this is a bug or not. I got a problem
about copy file. I'm using a Linux BOX as a file
server. it runs RedHat 7.2 and samba version is
2.2.1a-4. When I copy some file which name is chinese
characters (e.g. "³\§Ó¦wªººqµü.txt") from windows, it
prompt me that "xxx directories does not exists" and
prompt me to create it. Then no matter I click create
or not, it prompt me error and then break the

I found that if I change the file name to a english
name, it's OK. So the problem seems related to the
file name.

I config the samba as a domain controller. I copy the
file to my home directories. I'd tried to copy to
other directories (which I have rights to copy) and
the result is the same.

Can you please help help me to solve this
problem!!!Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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