CIFS entensions for UNIX in smbfs

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Tue Jan 29 08:50:08 GMT 2002

This is great ... just took a look and throught I would ask a few 
questions ...

>For those interested I have created a web page with links to the patches 
>for UNIX extensions for SMBFS.
>There is currently a patch for linux 2.4.17 which also requires a small 
    Will this patch for Linux Kernel 2.4.17 make it into 2.4.18? ( Would 
just like to know if this is been past back to the Linux Kernel 2.4 
maintainer, Marcelo ) ...

>patch for the latest samba 2.2 in cvs.
    Will this patch for Samba 2.2 cvs make it into 2.2.3?

    Great work, keep it up ...


P.S. I remember something, not to long ago, about a patch for smbfs 
supporting LFS, will this make it into Samba 2.2.3 & Kernel 2.4.18? ..

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