kernel-flock and kernel supported sharemode locking ...

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Jan 28 11:49:07 GMT 2002

Hi folks and Jeremy,

Having added OpLock support for Panasas's file system, I now have to add 
support for sharemode locking.

Currently, open_file_shared in file.c calls kernel_flock, but ignores 
the result ...

I need to check the result, because the Panasas File System might say 
that the file is already open in an incompatible mode, which I should 
take notice of.

Would it be better to add a more general facility like the OpLock 
support, or simply hack open_file_shared to do what I want?

I suspect that others will have this problem as well ...

Richard Sharpe, rsharpe at, LPIC-1,, SAMS Teach Yourself Samba 
in 24 Hours, Special Edition, Using Samba

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