sambaAccount LDIF construction

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Jan 28 09:31:05 GMT 2002

Hi Shanu,

I think the LDIF constructs are right.
only on the primaryGroupID = (GID * 2) + 1001 I don't know?
and 'displayName' could be also 'cn'

from pdb_ldap.c:
       /* recommend that 'gecos' and 'displayName' should refer to the same
            * attribute OID.  userFullName depreciated, only used by Samba
            * primary rules of LDAP: don't make a new attribute when one is 
already defined
          * that fits your needs; using cn then displayName rather than 

         if (!get_single_attribute(ldap_struct, entry, "cn", fullname)) {
                 get_single_attribute(ldap_struct, entry, "displayName", 

I am working on an LDAP admin tool too, it's based on PHP4.
I have started a project 'mx-LDAP-admin' at
(I can send you a prototype; I want release the first alpha next weeks)

Do you make your tool opensource (GNU GPL)?
If so it would be nice if your projects could go together, if you are 



Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze at>

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