Problem with National Characters

Mats olsson mace2442 at
Sun Jan 27 13:02:02 GMT 2002

Hi Everyone

I am trying to migrate an old samba 2.07 to 3.0 and i got almost everything 
runing smothly exept that I can't get swat to work. It starts and it listens 
on port 901 but i can't connect so i decided to do without swat and used my 
old smb-conf file instead. BIG Misstake.

Now i can't get the Swedish National Characters "åäö" to work they gets 
replaced by "vde" both then i wiev the filenames with Samba or in a shell. 
If i restart the old  2.07 it's alright.

I Belive this to be a config error on my part... I've included the SMB.CONF. 
Could anyone please point out my misstake ?

Mats Olsson
MSCE NT4 working on W2K

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# Samba config file for Tiny
# Debian Linux 2.2R3 Kernel 2.2.17 Samba 3.0 CVS
# Date: 2002/01/27

# Global parameters

	client code page = 850
	use spnego=no
	max log size = 1000
	domain master = True
	dns proxy = No
	domain logons = Yes
	passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
	encrypt passwords = yes
	server string = %h server (Samba %v)
	workgroup = SKRANGSTA
	printer driver file = /printer/printers.def
	passwd chat = *New\spassword:* %n\n *Re-enter\snew\spassword:* %n\n 
*Password\schanged.* .
	unix password sync = Yes
	logon script = %U.bat
	netbios name = TINY
	os level = 255
	username map = /usr/local/samba/lib/
	wins support = true

	comment = Home Directories
	read only = No
	create mask = 0700
	directory mask = 0700
	browseable = No

	path = /netlogon
	write list = XXXX
	guest ok = Yes

	comment = Root directory
	path = /
	write list = XXXX
	guest ok = Yes

	comment = Public files
	path = /export/pub
	read only = No
	guest ok = Yes

	comment = Install files
	path = /export/install
	read only = No
	guest ok = Yes

	comment = HP LaserJet IIIP
	path = /tmp
	read only = No
	printable = Yes
	print command = /usr/bin/lpr -P hplj3p %s
	printer driver = HP LaserJet IIIP
	printer driver location = \\Tiny\printer

	path = /printer

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