Scott Gifford sgifford at
Sat Jan 26 12:34:05 GMT 2002

David Lee <t.d.lee at> writes:


> One possibility is something like:
> 1. move "utmp" code (to which I have a fond attachment!) out of samba into
>    a general-purpose "umtp" PAM module;  this has much to commend it anyway;
> 2. allow smbd to register itself with PAM (hence with the PAM/utmp above);
> 3. a daemon to create/monitor the pseudo-ttys (or "lines") from PAM/utmp;
> 4. something (or more) to listen on those PAM/utmp lines/pttys and to
>    generate WinPopups onto the corresponding "host" (SMB client);
> 5. a mechanism for smbd itself to be such an "application" (i.e. so that
>    simple-text messages it generates find their way to the SMB client
>    as WinPopups);
> Note that one possible downside to be considered is handling systems which
> don't use PAM.  But this needn't be a show-stopper for PAM systems. 
> Lots of handwaving and vaguary there!  But does that seem generally sort
> of OK-ish?

That sounds like a great way to do things.  I wish I had time to help
with coding!

It might be easier (and require less approval), though, to just write
a completely seperate daemon that registered in utmp, and then just
ran the smb wall script whenever it received anything on it's tty.


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