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Sat Jan 26 04:40:02 GMT 2002

Scott Gifford wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> writes:
> [...]
> > However, any attempt to make smbd create /dev/ entries is, in my
> > opinion, highly misguided. The consequences in case of error and the
> > cross-platform issues are a major concern to me.  As such, I greatly
> > favor handling this outside smbd where the admin can configure such an
> > arrangement to his/her liking.
> Out of curiosity, do you have any technical objections to allocating a
> pseudo-TTY for this purpose, if the admin requests it in the config
> file?  I think that's the easiest solution to this.

I would have to see the proposal.  It would be a cross-platform
nightmare, but if you propose a suitable 'plugin' interface, that coudld
be accepted.

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