Torsten Curdt tcurdt at
Fri Jan 25 05:31:23 GMT 2002


> It is good to see that there is someone else who wishes to have this sort
> of functionality associated with Samba.
> A couple of months ago, I implemented and tested something similar, but
> coded into Samba itself.  My "philosophical" starting point was similar,
> though not identical, to yours.  I identified three things (there may well
> be more) where the _easy_ ability to issue such popup message might be
> useful:
> 1. the real "wall" command:  e.g. when system "shutdown" alerts
>    terminal users it also automatically alerts samba users;
> 2. the ability simply to "write" to a Samba user as one would write to
>    a terminal user;
> 3. for future internal use by other parts of "smbd" (e.g. "vfs" routines,
>    quota warnings, ...).
> This would assist Garry's "smbwall" command.  Instead of doing "smbstatus"
> and having to post-process its output, then individually calling
> "smbclient" for each process (we routinely have over 800), it would simply
> "write" to all the named pipes (or equivalent) maintained by the smbds
> themselves.
> (Note that running an 800+ simultaneous (nearly 20,000 registered) user
> environment gives different service-support perspectives from that of a
> small lab.)
> To the Samba Team:  There are at least two of us who have spotted the
> usefulness of such functionality, to the extent of actually trying to
> implement it.  Would it be possible, please, for us to discuss with one of
> you this idea some more, to obtain a clean, flexible enhancement to Samba
> for such activity?  (This need not necessarily be on the list, simply to
> reduce list-noise for others.)

Me, too!! So we are 3 ;) I have been using such a script, too.
Unfortunately I had to  throw it away because the smbclient was much too
slow when sending a pop-up message to W2k machines. We are now running a
2.2alpha0 snapshot (and are about to upgrade) and it was still slow - no
matter what W2k version without any SP, SP1 ,SP2. Is it faster now?

Has this changed? A script or even better a smbwall program would be a
cool tool!

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