Processing 'vfs options'

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Fri Jan 25 02:27:08 GMT 2002

Ries van Twisk wrote:
> Hi Reiner,
> no I didn't wrote it from scratch but it is changed already a whole lot.
> I have seen the samba-fu package but since it's not modified since 2.5 years and the
> interface is changed in that time so it isn't really usefull anymore??.
> Tim uses the vfs-options structure which isn't used anymore in the vfs-init code.
Uhm, yes, you're right.

A quick look at Samba 2.2.2 source shows struct vfs_options and static
BOOL handle_vfs_option(char *pszParmValue, char **ptr)

But there's a comment telling "/* VFS options not quite working yet */"


cheers, Rainer

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