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Martin Zielinski mz at
Fri Jan 25 02:07:12 GMT 2002

On Thursday, 24. January 2002 14:29, you wrote:


> > when uploading printer drivers from Win Xp-Pro via the
> > "Add Printer Driver Wizard" to my Samba 2.2.2 System
> > everything works fine, until a Win9x/Me driver is on the system.
> >
> > >From that on, every (for all plattforms) upload results in the
> > > error-message,
> >
> > that the driverlist could not be rebuild ("driver files possibly
> > corrupted - access denied"). Nevertheless the new driver is functional
> > and uploaded correctly.
> > After removing the Win9x driver from the box, the next upload does not
> > result in an error message any more.
> > This behaviour does not occur using Win2k as print server
> > (Xp->Win2k)  nore when transmitting drivers from a Win2k client to my
> > box.
> No idea.  My initial tests made me think that XP acted identical
> to 2k wrt to printing.  I'll have to look into it some more.
> Can you send me a level 10 debug log of the error?
> chau, jerry


This was a post in the samba mailing list, but I think it's becoming 
I found out, that the problem only occours, if the debug level is smaller 
than 3.
Tracking it down by "try and error" and having uploaded more than 100 drivers,
I found a DEBUG makro in "rpc_server/srv_pipe.c" "api_pipe_request (...).
Changing the required level from 3 to 0 fixed the problem (which might be the 
same as in a post by Bryan Fetzer (... uploading drivers ok, ERROR...)).

After some more tests I discovered, that I can replace the DEBUG makro with a 
call of a function like this (neerly a part of the DEBUG makro):

BOOL debgtext( char *format_str, ... )
  va_list ap;
  char msgbuf[1024];

  va_start( ap, format_str ); 
  vslprintf( msgbuf, sizeof(msgbuf)-1, format_str, ap );
  va_end( ap );

  return( True );
  } /* dbgtext */

Seem's to be a stack problem.
Decreasing msgbuf size -> error
Increasing size to 4000 but no vslprintf call -> error.
Now I'm stuck.

I can't see anything in the network-traces and the smbd does not crash.

Any idea?



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