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Benjamin Kuit bj at
Thu Jan 24 18:38:07 GMT 2002

I'm checking out the printing of samba_2_2 cvs, eventually upgrading our
servers from a samba-2.1.0 prealpha release, and I want to get things
working as nicely as possible before I do.

When looking at the print queue, the submitted time does not show, but
it shows when you select an individual print job and select "properties".
The submittion time shows when using the samba-2.1.0 server.
Is this known or maybe this is another byte-ording clash with the sparc
that its running on?

'Pages' dont show up in the queue listing but shows in document
details as well, and maybe of the staff that works here like to see
page counts, but that's less of an issue.

Also with submitted times, since our queues are lpq or lpstat, the
submitted time is given as time(NULL) (in printing/lpq_parse.c), so
the times tend to be the same. The result is that when the entries
are retrieved from printing.tdb and sorted by time, they tend to be
out of queue order. Maybe a new entry needs to be added to the
printjob structure (and print_queue_struct) to indicate queue order?

One more thing. The queue view from this w2k box (btw, I'm looking at
these queues from w2k) doesn't seem to be refreshing much at all, while
while viewing the samba-2.1.0 queue or other windows queues, the
refresh rate is quite often. The result is that a test page is sent, and
never goes away from the queue view, even though the job has well and
truely gone.

Any answers, help, advice, would be handy.

Thanks in advance.


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