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Attached is a shell script, "smbwall". It basically sends a
"wall" (or really more akin to "rwall") message to anyone
who has a drive mapped via samba.

The shell script uses "smbstatus" to get a list of people
who have drives mapped, then it loops through that list,
using "smbclient" to send a windows pop-up message to the

Of course, perhaps it would be cleaner to graft together
source code from "smbstatus" and "smbclient" into a binary
called "smbwall", but the shell script is functional as
it is.  I run the shell script on Sun Solaris, but I so
nothing about that is Solaris specific.

I am releasing smbwall into the public domain.  You are
free to use it however you wish, and are more than welcome
to include it in the Samba distribution.

Where I find smbwall useful is for things like warning
users about outages, but I can see other uses, like 
letting users know that something new has been made 
available on their network attached drives, etc.

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