Implementing new features in samba and smbfs

John Newbigin jn at
Thu Jan 24 01:40:07 GMT 2002

I am looking at the feasibility of adding some features to the SMB
protocol to allow UNIX file information so the linux smbfs can access
things like the file mode and possibly the user and group id.

I have hacked up a simple solution but I want to retain full
compatibility with non smbfs clients.

I can think of 3 ways that this might be achieved but I though someone
on this list would be able to recommend the best way.

The 3 ways are
- Encode the information in extended attributes and use the existing EA API
- Add new a Info level which would return the required information
- Create a new message type like SMBunix

The other issue is the way for the client and server to negotiate to
use these extensions.  This is I guess related to the way they are 

Any suggestions?


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