Macros in service names

ian j hart spoofer at
Wed Jan 23 15:56:02 GMT 2002

What's the status on %u in [homes] path? I know this
was removed some time ago for security reasons.

I'd like to upgrade to 2.2.2 to see if it fixes my
oplock problems, but I need path = /home/pcusers/%u
(or %S?)

I'm getting share not found. At first I thought that
the code had not been fixed, but I just noticed a weird

If /home/user exists I can log in, and I get the
right directory ie /home/pcusers/user.

AHA, changing master.passwd to suit allows a login
(I'm using NIS if that matters) without /home/user.

Well this is okay, BUT I normally run with login.conf
set to requirehome. This is a safety net if some idiot
(ie me) enables telnet et al. This is a change in
behavior from 2.2.1a is it not? FWIW I tested both
with and without requirehome. Seems to make no

This is on FreeBSD and it's release + port patches
not a cvs version.

While I'm waxing lyrical, any chance of (plain) NIS
support for smbpasswd? The FreeBSD version is quite
secure. I'm doing a manual scp at present. I managed
to configure NIS to distribute the map and was
quite dissapointed when I found that samba only
supports NISPLUS.


ian j hart

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