tdb performance

Michael Still mikal at
Wed Jan 23 02:33:04 GMT 2002

[ This is my first post to any of the Samba mailing lists, so please be
gentle ]

Hey all. I have been playing with tdb since Tridge gave a talk about it at
a conference I was at a year or so ago. I have a few comments to make
about it if I may:

 - its cool
 - the SAFE_FREE thing is good, because the version from a year ago
    caused dmalloc to complain a lot about freeing a NULL pointer in
    tdb_store. I was going to report this last night, but you had
    rudely already fixed it
 - the new copy I picked up tonight seems to be slightly faster than
    the year old version, which is nice

I have been using it for one of my own open source projects (in the next
release), and have a few questions...

 - is it ok for me to release tdb in my own codebase as a convenience
   library (libtdb?)? Are there any plans to do this for Samba anyway
   which I might conflict with?
 - I have developed some basic docbook SGML man pages for the tdb calls
   I feel I understand well enough, would you like a copy of them?

And finally, the big ugly question...

tdb is not as fast as I would like it to be. I was wondering if anyone had
considered caching for the recently accessed keys in the database (perhaps
the size of the cache being configurable on open)? My hope is that perhaps
someone who understands the code a bit better can explain to me why it is
a grossly terrrible idea before I go ahead and try to implement it.

Anyway, thanks for your time,


Michael Still (mikal at

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