include file configuration

Claudia Moroder claudiamoroder at
Tue Jan 22 11:06:09 GMT 2002

Hello Martin,

I know that the speed advantage would be near zero ( in german nul komma
nichts, zero dot nothing ) but I think it would be the cleaner way. Why
include things you don't need.



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> On 19 Jan 2002, andreas moroder <claudiamoroder at>
> > Hello,
> >
> > would it be possible to change includes.h the way that #include
<syslog.h> is
> > included only if --with-syslog whas choosen in the configuration.
> >
> > Could the same be done with nsswitch/nss.h and --with-winbind?
> It looks to me like that would not damage anything.  I doubt if it
> would be much faster since we pull in so many other headers, but if
> running Splint helps then perhaps we can put it in.
> The other thing that might help would be
>   #ifndef _SPLINT_
> around the relevant headers.  This works well for lclint, which cannot
> parse some declarations and is happier having no declaration at all.
> Would you prefer that Andreas?
> --
> Martin

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