[PATCH] showing username in ps

Ph. Marek marek at bmlv.gv.at
Tue Jan 22 04:24:05 GMT 2002

>> Hello everybody!
>> As it was very nice in the "old" version (around 1.9.18) to see in ps which
>> process was owned by which user I've made a quick and dirty patch to do
>> something similar for 2.2pre3.
>> I know that a smbstatus would do the trick - but that shows only
>> smbd-processes. I want to have an overview with just ps.
>> So please - I'd like to get some votes. Should something like this be
>> implemented in samba?
>Samba can have *any* number of users logged in at one time, and any
>number on a single smbd.  Windows Terminal server does this
>particularly, but guest logins (browsing etc) also do it.
That is, a host running WTS connecting to a samba server.
Well, that's right - but I think the majority of users are working from
their workstation to a server, and so in most cases this would be useful.

I know that it's useful in OUR case - that's why I wrote that.



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