Winbindd hangs (from today CVS)

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Jan 21 16:59:07 GMT 2002

On 22 Jan 2002, Matthew Geddes <mgeddes at> wrote:

> Linux, FreeBSD and perhaps other Open Source unices. I don't know of any 
> commercial flavours of unix that have a killall command (apart from 
> AIX). Don't run killall on AIX though, as it kills all processes owned 
> by that user (as far as I can tell). Running it as root is not
> good. :-)

I think SCO's killall does this too...  (Because killing every process
on the system is obviously more useful behaviour??)

I also remember that on some old Linux distributions killall(1) is
implemented in such a way that the string can match a process argv[],
which makes it a bit dangerous.


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