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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Jan 21 14:38:36 GMT 2002

Pradeepa Venkatswamy wrote:
> Hi,
>         To enable guest account in smb.conf I have set the parameters "map to guest
> = Bad User" in global section and "guest account = guest" in specified
> service section.But this is not working.When I do map drive the default
> guest account "nobody" is always taken into account.In the code
> GUEST_ACCOUNT is defined to nobody and in function "reply_sesssetup_and_X"
> ,the lp_guestaccount(-1) returns this default value........I am not clear on
> this.why guest account specified in smb.conf is not used??how to enable
> guest account??

The guest account is now a global option in HEAD - for good reason.  Its
a little broken.  'guest account = ' is often read as a global, and only
really functions as a share level parmater if security=share or 'guest
only = true'.

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