FreeBSD + samba 2.2.2 problems; semi-solution

Conrad Minshall conrad at
Mon Jan 21 12:15:39 GMT 2002

At 2:13 PM -0800 1/18/02, David W. Chapman Jr. wrote:
>> If you have a smoking gun, please see for reporting the
>What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Sorry if that was unclear.  "Smoking gun" is an idiom.  From

 Main Entry: smoking gun
 Function: noun
 Date: 1974
   something that serves as conclusive evidence or proof especially of a crime

If this truly is still not clear, email me privately and I'll try to explain.

In any case the following indicates FreeBSD may already have a fix, and you
could try it soon:

>Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 16:37:35 -0800
>From: Jordan Hubbard <jkh at>
>Subject: Re: FreeBSD + samba 2.2.2 problems; semi-solution
>To: jra at (Jeremy Allison)
>Cc: Conrad Minshall <conrad at>
>MIME-version: 1.0 (Apple Message framework v480)
>I believe this was one of the bugs found and stomped for FreeBSD 4.5.  I
>would encourage re-testing with 4.5 once it comes out at the end of the
>- Jordan

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