FreeBSD + samba 2.2.2 problems; semi-solution

Mike Silbersack silby at
Thu Jan 17 22:46:03 GMT 2002

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Can you reproduce this problem on any other system
> than FreeBSD ? I'n particular, can you get this to occur
> on a Linux box ?
> I'm wondering if there's a TCP problem between Win98 and
> FreeBSD when transporting SMB (which would be somewhat ironic
> as they took their TCP stack from your source code in the first
> place :-).
> Jeremy.


Sure enough, I just did a tcpdump and caught a failed connection.  Sure
enough, there's something weird going on at the tcp level.  At the point
where the connection dies, it turns out that a packet gets lost, fast
retransmit is triggered, and the missing packet is retransmitted no less
than 6 times; an ack is never received for any of these 6 retransmissions.
Many seconds after that, one of the ends gives up and just resets the

I'll do more debugging tomorrow... right now it sure looks like this isn't
samba's problem.

Mike "Silby" Silbersack

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