Is there some way to hook win32 API so I can insert markers around a bunch of SMBs

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Jan 17 19:57:02 GMT 2002

On 17 Jan 2002, Richard Sharpe <rsharpe at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if there is anyway to hook the Win32 API?
> I would like to insert Ethernet packets that mark the boundaries between 
> bunches of SMBs caused by Win32 API calls.

What about just sending a UDP packet to some other random port on the
Samba host?  If you use UDP rather than TCP it should be fairly
reliably emitted straight after you send the data, though there might
be a bit of slippage in either direction.  You can set up your
Ethereal capture (or whatever) to include both of them.

I think there is an interface that lets you send raw packets, but in
either case I think the problem will be that there may be internal
queuing of SMB requests.


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