Safe netbios characters

Jason Holland jholland at
Thu Jan 17 12:18:03 GMT 2002

  i appologize if this post is inappropriate, but i was unable to get an 
answer on samba users list.  i'm trying to change the source to samba to 
allow a ! in the usernames.  would this code modification be the only one 
needed to accomplish this???  if not, where else would i look??

*** reply.c     Thu Jan 17 13:49:00 2002
--- reply-1.c   Thu Jan 17 13:55:11 2002
*** 857,863 ****
    /* don't allow strange characters in usernames or domains */
-   alpha_strcpy(user, user, ". _-$", sizeof(user));
+   alpha_strcpy(user, user, "!. _-$", sizeof(user));
    alpha_strcpy(domain, domain, ". _-", sizeof(domain));
    if (strstr(user, "..") || strstr(domain,"..")) {

anyone able to help out?  please cc me as i'm not subscribed to the list, 
or cc the samba users list.  thank for your help in this matter.


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