[PATCH] ldap account separation patch

Michael Cunningham m.cunningham at xpedite.com
Thu Jan 17 11:33:18 GMT 2002

> Just to be clear, this means you are hard-coding the subtree 
> names in Samba to "ou=people" and "ou=computer", right?  I 
> don't think this will be too much trouble, but it should be 
> clear in the docs that you are required to setup your 
> directory in this fashion.  Actually, if you hard-code these 
> values in place, then samba still could create the machine account...

The subtree names could be anything.. they don't need to be people 
or computer. This just gives you the option
to define subtrees.. previously everything got dumped in
the ldap suffix location.. If youi don't define these two new parameters
everything continues as it used to be and gets dumped in the ldap
suffix location. 

If you do define them.. you can place user and machine accounts 
in separate locations (must be below "ldap suffix" in the DIT however). 
Which IMHO adds a lot of flexibility to the ldap setup.

Thanks.. Mike

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