Is there any way to Implement a policy engine in SAMBA

Simo Sorce idra at
Thu Jan 17 06:31:03 GMT 2002

take a look at the VFS layer, it should be what you need.
there are also sample files (like audit.c) to show how the VFS works.

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 07:08:05PM +0530, Srinivas, Mohan wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> can anybody help me in this aspect. Is there any way to implement a policy
> engine with in SAMBA. i.e apart from the 
> policies provided by the SAMBA if i want to incorporate some more policies,
> How can i do with SAMBA? Is there anyway
> to intercept SAMBA system calls to do this? or any other way? 
> Example policy is to decide between various disks available.
> i.e suppose if the user or admin want to store all files of size greater
> than 50kb on one disk and all files of size less than 50kb 
> on one disk. 
> How can i do this with SAMBA? 
> Is it possible to intercept the SAMBA system calls or i have to change the
> code or Is it a seperate module which can interoperate with SAMBA to do
> this?
> Plz help me to solve this problem. 
> p.s: I am very new to SAMBA.:-):-)
> Waiting for the help :-):-)
> Thanks and Regards, 
> mohan srinivas.

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