Plugable passdb (SAM) modules

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Jan 16 14:30:23 GMT 2002

Simo Sorce wrote:
> One question comes to mind immediately.
> If I understanded correctly, you want to make it possible to have multiple backend up concurrently.
> Well for read and update[1] operations it may be ok, but what happen when you want to add a new user?
> Which module will be used? Have you planned a way to tell which module to use by default to add a new user? Will it be configurabale?
> [1] The update function may be really usefull to automatically switch from smbpasswd to tdb_sam moving accounts every time they are updated, smoothly, or to ldap or... there would be nice to have a "passdb update = pdb_unix, pdb_tdb" that would for example convert a the account from normal system accounts to tdb_sam accounts for example, thus creating samba account just changing the password.
> does this make sense?

The 'pluggable' functionality only allows one passdb at a time for
access via the existing interface.  I assign a static variable that
contains a pointer to the context that is initialised at startup.

However, I have allowed for muliple passdb backends to operate at the
same time when they create their own context.  This is designed for
things like a samcopy utility, which will know how to open two passdbs
at the same time.

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