[PATCH] security descriptor stuff for HEAD

Alexey Kotovich a.kotovich at sam-solutions.net
Wed Jan 16 12:04:13 GMT 2002

Hi all!

Let me explain my position regard to subj.
I've decided to stick ads_disp_* functions to ADS because they cannot be used w/o one. 
It means that we have some differences between existing function for displaying security 
descriptor (we've got another 2 implementations of it) and these. As far as I understand, 
they are used for different cases: display_sec_* from rpcclient/display_sec.c are used for 
displaying permissions which connect to security descriptor got by RPC call, another funs 
(from rpcclient/display.c) work with file stream instead of stdout and parse NT4 permissions 
flags which overlaping ADS flags. Besides, display.c contains a lot of functions unused by ADS. 
New functions display permissions of ADS object only.
There is a problem there. Need we either create new or modify existing security descriptor? 
Andrew Bartlet and me ;) guess that it would be better to go the second way. 
At least, it can allow us to use right SD's and ACL's header.

Alexey Kotovich.

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