(Lack Of) Resilience Of WINS Registration

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Tue Jan 15 14:52:10 GMT 2002

> >   [Does anyone out there know how frequently Microsoft sends a refresh to
> >   the NBNS?]
> quotting a MS document:
> "renewal interval: 4 days on NT 3.5, 6 days on NT4"
> later in the same document:
> "Minimum Renewal Interval
> defined to be 40 min. The default is four days."
> now go figure ...

Sounds to me as though the people who wrote the docs were the same people 
who wrote the code.  They both make about as much sense.  :)

> >From observation, the real figures are:
> the wins server put a TTL of 4 days on the record
> the client does a refresh every 40 minutes

I've been watching W/9x packets.  From these it seems Windows uses a TTL
value of 300,000 seconds, which is three days, eleven hours and twenty
minutes.  Samba uses 259,200 seconds, which is three days even. 

Are you seeing a different TTL in W/NT registrations?  Just curious.

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