#ifdef DMF_FIX

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Tue Jan 15 11:01:22 GMT 2002

I applied this fix to correct a problem with HSM files that were
offline returning with incorrect errors and being unaccessable. This
is a gross hack but it worked. I seem to recall that the Windows
clients have about a 45 second timeout on an smb so I basically allow
up to 30 seconds delay with retries on the samba side if the OS returns
an EAGAIN error (which IRIX does for offline files). Currently all 
this does is sleep for 10 seconds between retries (definitely not
the greatest thing to do but the client is waiting for the smb 
anyway). It would be nice if we could at least check for oplock breaks
but this was well into the bowels of samba and I didn't see an easy
way to do this at the time.

I'd like to propose changing the sense of this ifdef so this code is
in by default so it has a chance of being tested by the general 
population and more explicitly by those people with HSM systems.

There will never be any incentive to improve this if it is never used.
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