(Lack Of) Resilience Of WINS Registration

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Tue Jan 15 09:53:03 GMT 2002

> Martin.Sheppard at csiro.au wrote:
> > We have the same problem with WINS registrations disappearing
> > here. We do have redundant [Windows] WINS servers and we do
> > have replication between them and yet we still have this problem.
> 	Hmmn: makes one want to have YP/NIS or LDAP
> 	backing store for the wins.dat file so one
> 	can fail over and/or provide local servers 
> 	in multiple locations.
> 	Something of a longer-term issue, though.

There are two ways to do WINS replication:  The *right* way and 
Microsoft's way.  :)

The advantage of reverse-engineering NT's WINS replication is
interoperability with NT (and W2K).  ...but you're right.  There are a lot
of better, more open ways to handle replication.  My goal, then, will be
to document this stuff so that people can know what's going on.  I wish I 
had time to be part of the Reverse-Engineering effort itself.  Sigh.  At 
least it's being worked on.

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