Samba 2.2.3-pre and winbind separator problems

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Tue Jan 15 08:49:37 GMT 2002

Jeremy - I notice from other posts that you are getting 2.2.3 ready to ship.
Please look at this previous post of mine with regards to the problems with
winbind and a non-default separator (still there in CVS of 01/14/02 10:35
GMT).  Indeed, if I remove myself from /etc/passwd, I can't connect at all
with separator = '+'.
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Further to my earlier post, I'm still having problems with the latest (Jan
02 2002 12:00 GMT) CVS version of 2.2.3-pre with winbind and a non-default
separator.  I still want to use "+" rather than "\" as my separator, but
now, from both 98SE and NTSP6a clients onto a RH7.2 box with a 2.4.17 acl
patched kernel, the connection is made as the local unix user (me) not the
domain user (DOMAIN\me) if the separator is "+".  Also, I cannot see any
user names under the permissions off the security tab for the file
properties (they are there fine if the separator is "\", although from 98SE
the name appear as DOMAIN\user (full name) as opposed to NT (and 2.2.2 under
98SE) where the DOMAIN\ bit is omitted).  As we wish to use ACLs quite
extensively, this is a major drawback, and I would think a bug that needs

By the way, make revert does not revert winbindd and wbinfo in


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