Proposal to add ldap flexability in DIT layout

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Mon Jan 14 21:49:03 GMT 2002

Michael Cunningham wrote:

> Actually my problem occurs when adding machine accounts into 
> ldap using smbpasswd which places it in the ldap suffix location only. 
> I need to be able to add machine accounts automatically. 

Aah. My mistake.

I used to just use ldapadd from the openldap distribution for adding 
accounts. You could also hack your own using perl or something. The 
problem with adding that kind of functionality to smbpasswd is making it 
suitably generic that it will continue to work flawlessly with an 
smbpasswd file, working with the TDB backend and allowing for people to 
have their own unique directory structure.

Hope it helps,

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