(Lack Of) Resilience Of WINS Registration

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> > This is interesting...
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> > Um, what you could do on the NT side is put in redundant WINS servers.
> > Do WINS replication between them.  That way, if one goes down it can
> > rebuild from the other.
> We have the same problem with WINS registrations disappearing here. We do
> have redundant WINS servers and we do have replication between them and yet
> we still have this problem.

Yes.  Others on the Team set me straight on this.  It is a known problem, 
it seems.  Minor, unless it hits you.

> Browsing is definitely not the issue for us, the problem is that the WINS
> registration disappears. We solved the problem by setting up static WINS
> registrations for all of our samba servers, but it would be nicer if samba
> could handle this in the same way that NT does.

It was explained to me that what Windows clients do is periodically 
refresh their entries with the WINS database.  Seems we don't do this, 
assuming a more stable WINS I guess.

Good to know.  I need to add this to my docs.

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