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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Jan 14 15:53:15 GMT 2002

Nigel Williams wrote:
> Right I see the LANMAN named_pipe calls in reply_trans.  I missed them
> earlier, Sorry.
> Re shareadd syntax.  With my current rpcclient implementation you would use
> >sharesetinfo TEST_SHARE 1501 -s
> to set security on an existing share.

If you have a working rpcclient implementation it is almost trivial to
move it accross to 'net' btw.

> The syntax of the security descriptor is that used with smbcacls which
> allows multiple ACLs.  So there
> is no need to perform multiple shareadds.
> The client calls implemented are
> NetServerDiskEnum
> NetValidateName
> NetShareEnum
> NetShareEnumSticky
> NetShareSetInfo
> NetShareGetInfo
> NetShareAdd
> NetShareDel
> NetShareDelSticky
> levels 0,1,2,501,502,1004,1005,1006,1007?,1501 are all available where
> suitable.
> N.B. Jeremy did the server-side implementation.
> I note your preferences wrt SD manipulation from the net command. They make
> good sense.
> I wonder if there is any need to add these RPC client calls to the net
> command if we already have the RAP versions.

Yes.  Becouse the real interest is in being the same as NT - so if NT
allows these to be set via RPC, then it would be very handy to be able
to do the same from Samba.  In particular it helps in Samba's testing.

> A simple modification to smbcacls would give us all the functionality we
> require.


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