malloc without check in libads

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Mon Jan 14 14:52:09 GMT 2002

Claudia Moroder wrote:
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> what about to forbid free with a macro like sprintf is forbidden ?
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> Andreas

Becouse there are times when it is perfectly acceptable to 'free'

In fact, SAFE_FREE() often just hides problems that are more serious -
at least we notice segfaults...

As such the programmer should decide if this pointer being NULL is a
valid condition:  If this can happen in the normal course of code
execution, then fine, but if it "can't" happen then I would suggest just
leaving it alone.

Likewise, the setting to null of a pointer after free is all well and
good, but its only any use if the variable still hangs around - many
'free()' statements are in the last few lines of a function, with the
variable just about to go out of scope.

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