NamedPipe DCE/RPC struct split

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Mon Jan 14 07:34:07 GMT 2002

Hi Simo,

I'm going to ask a simple technical question.

I want access to all the named pipes Samba doesn't need.
I'm not interested in "embrace and extend"ing Samba.
I'm not interesting trying to change Wine's license.
I want to provide Named Pipe endpoints though port 139 somehow.

Simple Technical Question: 

Will the Samba Team consider accepting a patch that gives access 
(via Samba) to NBT Named Pipes though a unix domain socket as a 
standard feature of Samba?


>> Samba Team: Wine can never be licensed under GPL, because it is 
>> designed to run Windows binaries.
>You are totally wrong here.
>You could easily use a GPL-LGPL mixed licenses for WINE.

btw. That's your opinion, i consider it incorrect, and like you said,
this is 
a technical list.


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