implement the NamedPipe API, you do not have to talk to me ever again

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Jan 12 03:46:14 GMT 2002


if you satisfactorily implement the NamedPipe API, then you
will find that a number of things happen:

- i praise you in perpetuity for having done so instead of
  criticisng you in perpetuity for not having done so.

- a large amount of your time will no longer be taken up
  worrying about and having to counter, in anger, what i say.

- samba's usefulness and distribution goes up, increasing your
  reputation as the leader of a really useful open source

- effective immediate, you won't have to put up with me _any_

- in two to three years time, when the psychological effects
  of the above all start to sink in, you might be able to
  sit in the same room as me and we can talk constructively
  about future designs and development.

all of this is dependent on about four hours estimated work,
using existing code from sources that you trust.


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