Samba 2.2.pre3 vs. 1.9.18 with unknown users

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sat Jan 12 02:03:07 GMT 2002

"Ph. Marek" wrote:
> The following diff fixes my problem.
> I'm not sure if it's the Correct or Best Thing(TM) to do - but it solves my
> problem ....
> diff -u -2 -b ../orig/smbd/reply.c smbd/reply.c
> @@ -991,5 +991,6 @@
>            DEBUG(1,("Rejecting user '%s': authentication failed\n", user));
>                   END_PROFILE(SMBsesssetupX);
> Thank you for your help, Andrew. (and to all others)

That is of course the simple solution.  The interesting thing will be to
chase this up - I use a similar system at Hawker College:  Our students
use a logon applet that simply makes the NT calls for 'map drive with
user interface' (they then get the normal username/password boxes).  I
hope this bit will still work, but if the lower level interfaces

In any case, its Samba policy to stick as close to NT/Win2k/XP behaviour
as makes sense.  It should not be a problem to make a similar patch in
future versions however.

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