Samba does not show unicode files on PC?

Tomas Zahradnicky, Jr. zahradnicky at
Fri Jan 11 15:45:34 GMT 2002


   I've just installed mac os x server and I installed samba to 
support pcs. However, I have this scenario and some files are missing 
on PC:

  - disk in server is hfs+ file format where names on it are stored in unicode,
    yes, but users here are using czech macintosh script. this does not colide
    because they are using mac ce roman encoding (just 8 bits) and work fine if
    read again.

and now the problem:

  - if I create the file on PC with diacritics (or 8 bits), it is properly shown
    on both PC and Server

  - but if I create a file on mac client, the diacritics is there, but it is
    mangled on server, yes, but this mangling is known to me. It looks exactly
    as if I wrote something and I didn't use czech font. OK. This is caused by
    the fact that server displays unicode strings and this is just Mac CE
    encoding --- not important.

  - but some files with Mac CE encoding are NOT visible on PC. especially for
    diacritical letters like accuted lettes and so.

the question is: how do I force samba to encode both local unicode to 
latin-2 (852) and *also* encode macintosh ce roman characters to 852 
too? Is that possible? Someone has an idea how to do that? In fact it 
would be sufficient to create the closure of both tables (Mac CE + 
852) together. How do I build the closure file to the form used by 
samba? I think I can use make_smbunicodemap (?), but I don't have 
source files hence it cannot reverse creation like the other one.

Thanks a lot.

# Tomas Zahradnicky, Jr
# The Czech Technical University
# FEE-CTU, Prague

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