Character handling

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Jan 11 15:06:47 GMT 2002

Frej Rasmussen wrote:
> The character handling doesnt seem to be quite perfect for danish
> letters.

Can you confirm as per IRC that this is with the Samba 3.0 alpha series?

> We have three extra letters =).
> They can be written if special char's isnt available like this.
> 'æ' ~ 'ae'
> 'ø' ~ 'oe'
> 'å' ~ 'aa'
> The problem is when i am creating/renaming a file or dir using a samba
> client, either smbclient or win2k&xp samba translates the 3 letters in
> to standard latin letters (same each time, but looks random).
> so making the following directories æ,å,ø would show up as f,x,e. So the
> word 'øl' (beer) would show up as 'el'. In fact i can delete the dir
> with "rmdir el" or "rmdir øl" with the smbclient (or win2k).
> In a unix shell the dir has also been named 'el' and can therefore only
> be removed by "rmdir el". If i make a dir 'øl' in the unix shell i can
> (ofcourse) only use "rmdir øl". However this dir really shows up correct
> as 'øl'. BUT it can be removed using both 'el' or  'øl' via
> windows/smbclient.
> Frej Rasmussen.

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