Character handling

Frej Rasmussen fbr at
Fri Jan 11 06:37:15 GMT 2002

The character handling doesnt seem to be quite perfect for danish

We have three extra letters =).
They can be written if special char's isnt available like this.

'æ' ~ 'ae'
'ø' ~ 'oe'
'å' ~ 'aa'

The problem is when i am creating/renaming a file or dir using a samba
client, either smbclient or win2k&xp samba translates the 3 letters in
to standard latin letters (same each time, but looks random).

so making the following directories æ,å,ø would show up as f,x,e. So the
word 'øl' (beer) would show up as 'el'. In fact i can delete the dir
with "rmdir el" or "rmdir øl" with the smbclient (or win2k).

In a unix shell the dir has also been named 'el' and can therefore only
be removed by "rmdir el". If i make a dir 'øl' in the unix shell i can
(ofcourse) only use "rmdir øl". However this dir really shows up correct
as 'øl'. BUT it can be removed using both 'el' or  'øl' via

Frej Rasmussen.

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