Batch OpLocks: Are they used much these days ...

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Jan 10 13:32:14 GMT 2002

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> Urban Widmark wrote:
> >On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> >
> >>	Arguably for sharing: if the file needs
> >>	to be single-writer multiple-reader an
> >>	exclusive write lock is appropriate.
> >>
> >
> >But an exclusive _oplock_ does not allow anyone else to have the file
> >open. When someone else opens you get a notification and your oplock is
> >broken. After that you can no longer cache any data.
> >
> Hmmm, don't you get a break to Level II?

Yes, if the other open is a reader (right?). I was probably looking too
much at David's writers, add a "for writing" at the end of the first


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