Samba 2.2.pre3 vs. 1.9.18 with unknown users

Ph. Marek marek at
Thu Jan 10 04:17:03 GMT 2002

>> BUT.
>> With Samba 2.2pre3 (current CVS snapshot) samba sends a
>> STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE (looked into the packet sniffed off the network).
>> 1.9.18 sent a "bad password".
>Yep, in the time since Samba 2.2.2 jra added NT_STATUS support to the
>2.2 branch.  They have been enabled in HEAD for a bit longer, and the
>new auth subsystem uses them in particular.

>> This seems to lead NT to the conclusion that the user could have been ok,
>> and resends the "old" username (which wasn't specified and was so taken as
>> the currently logged on user) instead of the given one - which doesn't
>> work, of course.
>This is interesting, becouse I thought I had mimiced the NT behavoiur. 
>I'm intrested in why these doesn't work....  In particualr, are these
>funciton calls current, or backward compatible versions?  
Well, AFAIK the used WNetAddConnection2()-function is not deprecated.

>Can you please try the current HEAD CVS?  In particular can you please
>confirm if the behaviour is different to NT/Win2k/XP?
If I understand you correctly you want to know if this program works
against a NT (server), a Win2k (server) or a XP (server)?
Or, if you want me to run this program in Win2k or XP, that'll take some
time - as it's in security architecture written for a smartcard solution
for NT. I'd have to write a new program for these architectures.
Please clarify on this point.

Are you interested in sniffer dumps or samba-logs or similar?
BTW, using "username map" didn't help - maybe I've done something wrong.

Thanks for your effort!



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