Print problems with samba 2.2.1a (Sorry for posting twice, please ignore the first message)

Lars Lithen Madsen larsm at
Thu Jan 10 00:37:14 GMT 2002

Sorry about the first message, here is decent formatted mail.

Hi There

I recently upgrade to samba 2.2.1a, and now I have the following print

In a Win2K command and cmd window
type filename > lpt1			works
print /d:lpt filename			works
copy /b filename /b lpt1		does not work! I get a file not
found error. With or without the /b´s


type filename > lpt1 & type filename > lpt1 does not work either. The file
is printed once and then I get file not found error.

For historical reasons we need to use a very old Quick Basic program, that
needs to print invoices. Some of the are needed in duplicates which is
handled something like this(I am not a basic programmer so the command may
not look exactly as stated):
shell("copy" + filename$ + "lpt1")
shell("copy" + filename$ + "lpt1")

Again the first print succeeds and the second fail. I the second print is
delayed more than 12-15 sec everything is fine. I takes about 10-11 sec for
the printer to print a page.

I get the same result with Win2K a different patch levels, and the printer
have not been changed during the upgrade of samba.

I hope someone can give me an explanation.

Kind regard
Lars L. Madsen

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