CIFS UNIX Extensions.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jan 9 19:21:03 GMT 2002

I believe that the Unix extensions are in the SNIA doc, and I also 
believe that Byron had a look at them in that context.

Worth checking.

Chris -)-----

> On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > I'm getting ready to add the CIFS UNIX extensions - this is code that
> > has been in HP's CIFS/9000 product and is designed to give (almost)
> > full UNIX -> UNIX semantics to CIFS (fcntl locking is still missing
> > I'm afraid).
> I have a v2.0 of the "Byron Deadwiler Paper". Is that up to date?
> Regarding locking, smbfs can use the SMBlockingX stuff. It may not be
> posix and it may not be fcntl, but it does seem to work. At least for some
> simple cases.
> > Please take a look w.r.t. using these extensions in Linux smbfs,
> > as it might make the job of smbfs much easier.
> Not really easier, but would allow it to do a better job for people
> wanting to do linux-unix over smb.
> I have looked at it before, but as the only server supporting it was HPs
> samba version I never bothered doing anything with it. And it was not
> clear to me that everyone liked them ... ;-)
> (Long ago, things change)
> I will start playing with it once support is in samba.
> /Urban

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