CIFS UNIX Extensions.

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Jan 9 17:27:03 GMT 2002

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> I'm getting ready to add the CIFS UNIX extensions - this is code that
> has been in HP's CIFS/9000 product and is designed to give (almost)
> full UNIX -> UNIX semantics to CIFS (fcntl locking is still missing
> I'm afraid).

I have a v2.0 of the "Byron Deadwiler Paper". Is that up to date?

Regarding locking, smbfs can use the SMBlockingX stuff. It may not be
posix and it may not be fcntl, but it does seem to work. At least for some
simple cases.

> Please take a look w.r.t. using these extensions in Linux smbfs,
> as it might make the job of smbfs much easier.

Not really easier, but would allow it to do a better job for people
wanting to do linux-unix over smb.

I have looked at it before, but as the only server supporting it was HPs
samba version I never bothered doing anything with it. And it was not
clear to me that everyone liked them ... ;-)
(Long ago, things change)

I will start playing with it once support is in samba.


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