patch for krb support

David W. Chapman Jr. dwcjr at
Wed Jan 9 16:10:05 GMT 2002

> > It currently is broken on FreeBSD, what information would be helpful in
> > debugging the problem and finding out whether its samba to blame or
> Can you give me some more details?
> What fails?  The configure?  the compile?  the link?
> What error messages?
> The annoying bit is that all the FreeBSD boxes in the build farm
> ( seem to work - as this is the normal way we diagnose
> this stuff...
> (new machines for the build farm always appriciated).
I apologize, I thought it was on -STABLE, but it seems to be building
without the above patch on -STABLE.  I'll boot into -current tonight and
give you what you are looking for.  From my memory its the configure that
fails, but I will get you an output of what happens as soon as I can boot
into -current or get the output of someone building the samba-devel port on
freebsd without the patch

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