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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Jan 8 13:33:51 GMT 2002

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 03:06:34PM -0500, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> >  now, unfortunately, jeremy and andrew are failing to provide
> >  suitable leadership and a suitable development environment,
> >  and have - and are - actively _dis_couraging people - not just
> >  myself - from being able to participate in samba development.
> 	That's not my experience: Jeremy and Andrew
> 	have been very helpful to me, and open to
> 	my contributions[1].
> 	Andrew in particular was kind enough to
> 	exhaustively review the "Using Samba" draft
> 	and comment on all the technical errors
> 	or unclear descriptions. Ok, that's hard
> 	on the ego, but it's **VALUABLE**.
> 	And they've always been polite, even when they
> 	though I was a raving idiot (;-))
 ah, but you are not challenging them.

 try telling them that they are doing a very
 bad job, in areas where they think they know

 you'll soon find that you come across major obstacles.

 try then pursuing that path for a further three years,
 and you'll be in a similar position to the one that i am in.

 similar, but probably better off.

> > it's bluntly obvious to me that samba is being controlled by
> > a small minority of people who are unsuited to and "DON'T CARE"
> > about moving the future of unix and linux forward, using samba
> > as a tool to end microsoft's anti-competitive practices.
> 	My impression is that Samba was a file and printer
> 	sharing program and, dare I suggest, without 
> 	an agenda.
 and the agenda i follow, samba is a really small and part,
 at the bottom of the dependency list.

 not one of the projects i wish to see be completed can be
 completed without this work, which is why i gave up pursuing
 this two years past, for fear of losing my sanity and happiness
 and my life.

> 	I tend to agree that one should act to make
> 	anti-competitive practices ineffective, but
> 	I don't agree to such an extent as to engage
> 	in insult when someone disagrees strongly.

 i use such intemperate language to express my feelings
 on the matter.

 insomuch as i have no investment to protect, i am
 at liberty to choose how and what i say.

 where i consider it appropriate to use such language
 to qualify my statements and my opinion of the people
 involved, i will do so.

 i also thank the people who have advised me to moderate
 my language in order to reach a wider audience.

 every time that i discuss these issues,
 i find this very difficult to do, and i apologise if anyone
 takes offense at statements made by me that are qualified
 in such a way.
 the only thing i can recommend to people is to remember
 that such comments are not directed personally at you,
 and to not therefore _take_ them personally.
 and to remember that this is supposed to be an information-free


> --dave
> [1. Although I need to re-raise the self-check code!]


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